Welcome to Lulabites, your one stop shop for fashionably cute accessories! Meet Lu, the founder and owner of Lulabites, who has a powerful passion for fashion, and has always loved wearing fun, quirky, and cute accessories, incorporating them into her everyday style. 
Over the years, Lu had accumulated quite the collection of cute bags, especially Hello Kitty-inspired ones! In 2013, she realized that her bag collection was overflowing and needed to do something about it. Since many of the bags she owned were still brand new, she decided to start selling them on various fashion apps. To no surprise, the bags were adored by shoppers everywhere and sold very quickly. After receiving numerous rave reviews, Lu decided to take the next step and open up her own e-store dedicated to all things fashionably cute. 
Lulabites was officially founded in 2015, and thanks to amazing shoppers like you, continues to thrive to this day. Lulabites always strives to bring in the latest adorable accessories and keep every customer happy and stylish!